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Scenery: Beach and Sea


Beach and Sea

The beach, with its fine, white sand, stretches along one of the most striking stretches of the Salento coastline. Fringed with picturesque sand dunes, it is characterized by rich dune and backdune vegetation. A short walk among the dunes with its typical Mediterranean scrub and the aroma of white lilies. Gently sloping towards a crystal clear sea with its infinite undertones from light green to a more intense blue, within a landscape to rival the best tropical paradise, the beach is especially suitable for families with children and those who love long, healthy walks along the seashore. Most of the beach us free and a portion of it is equipped with beach umbrellas and loungers (at Docks 1 and 4). The beach also has a launch pad and an electric winch to facilitate the rental of boating equipment (canoe, windsurf, rubber dinghies) and towable water games (banana boat, inflatable rafts) at Dock 4.