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Discover Salento: the Towers, the Manor Farms and the Trulli


The Towers

Scattered like sentinels along both the Ionian and Adriatic seaboards as well as into the hinterlands to warn others of enemy raids. These towers were built around the 16th century and are authentic jewels of military construction. Some of the most important ones are: Torre Sabea, Torre Suda, Torre S. Giovanni, Torre Mozza, Torre Mammarie, Torre Pali and Torre Vado.

The Manor Farms

Fortified manor farms had a defensive function. These buildings look like something out of a fairy tale and appear unexpectedly in front of travellers making their way through the countryside of the Salento region. They are genuine monuments of rural architecture and the expression of the peasant culture in Salento. Some of the most interesting ones include: "Li Quarti" Manor Farm in Galatina and the "Pali" Manor Farm in Ugento.


The Trulli

Immersed in the contrasting colours of green and brown, buildings like the Trulli will certainly not go unnoticed: their presence is the result of the need to work and process products from the soil promptly and the land's stony geological structure. These singular residences, used as a temporary shelter or a permanent home, can be seen throughout Salento.