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Discover Salento: the Menhirs, the "Specchie" and the Dolmen


The Menhirs

Salento is a land filled with architectural finds dating back to the Neanderthal Period. The term Menhir comes from the Breton dialect and means "long stone". They are long parallelepiped monoliths sunk into the stone, which is why they are called "packed stone" and can be found standing isolated or grouped together in such a way as to form complexes.

The "Specchie"

There are at least one hundred of these special areas in Salento. Mounds of earth and stone with dolmenic structures or graves inside. Prehistoric men once hunted in these places and over time they became holy grounds associated with sun worship.


The Dolmen

Alongside the "Specchie" there are also the Dolmen, Europe's oldest architectural structures. They are megalithic monuments consisting of several vertical megaliths that support a large, flat horizontal "capstone" to form a chamber that was usually used as a burial place typically covered by a tumulus.