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Discover Salento: the Sea Caves


The Sea Caves

The sea caves in Salento are spectacular such as the Grotta dei Cervi in Otranto and the Grotta delle Cipollane in Marina di Novaglie. Two caves, Grotta Romanelli and Grotta Zinzulusa, located in Castro are breathtakingly beautiful. The first one is one of the areas used by men during the Neolithic period while the other is a very popular tourist attraction because of its stalactites and stalagmites. There are several sulphur water springs in Santa Cesarea Terme worth visiting and there are many caves in S.Maria di Leuca to explore such as the Grotta del diavolo (The Devil's cave), Grotta dei giganti (The Giant's cave), Grotta del drago (The Dragon's cave), Grotta del fiume (The River's cave) and so on...