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Discover Salento: the Natural Areas

There are naturalistic areas of astounding beauty along the Ionian coast in Salento. Not only are they stunning, they have also been preserved and safeguarded. These include:


La Palude del Conte (The Count's Swamp)

"Palude del Conte", located in the town of Porto Cesareo, is characterised by a remarkable display of rare orchids and protected orchidaceae;

The Island of S. Andrea and the Punta Pizzo Seaboard

The "Island of S. Andrea and the Punta Pizzo Seaboard", in the town of Gallipoli, known for the rocky coastline and "priority habitats" such as salt steppes and glasswort marshes;


Porto Selvaggio (Wild Port) and the Palude del Capitano (Captain's Marsh)

"Porto Selvaggio and Palude del Capitano", in the town of Nardò, located between the Torre dell'Uluzzo and Torre dell'Alto towers: the rolling hills along the coast, the flourishing pine groves that cover it, the rocky ravines and caves create an evocative landscape worthy of its name;

Litorale di Ugento (Ugento Seaboard)

"Litorale di Ugento", in the town of Ugento, is a 757-hectare Regional Natural Park founded under the Regional Law number 13 of 28 May2007. The marshlands, pine grove, brush and dunes along the seaboard are an ecological complex of great interest.