.: Riva di Ugento - Camping Resort - Touristische Rundfahrten - Ugento (LE) :.

Guided tours in either minibus or coach

Guided tours in either minibus or coach, all with air conditioning and with regular set departures (without the need for a minimum number of participants) direct from Riva di Ugento. In collaboration with www.salentodriver.it

  • Day Tour Start-end time
  • Monday "Leuca e grotte" in barca 08.20 - 12.30
  • Tuesday Otranto "Porta d'Oriente" 14.30 - 20.30
  • Wednesday Gallipoli "Perla dello Ionio" 08.10 - 13.00
  • Friday Lecce "Città Barocca" 08.10 - 13.00

Guided tours by boat

Guided tours by boat from Torre Vado with service of lunch or dinner on board. In collaboration with www.noleggionettuno.com

  • Day Tour Stay
  • Every day "Grotte di levante e di ponente" 4h

Attractions on the Outskirts